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Renault Wind 2011, Luxury Sports Car

Past Geneva Motor Show saw the world celebrate the first Renault Renault Wind, the two-seater coupe-cabriolet 3.83 meters long, which shows a very innovative way of opening. With a roof that opens the novel rotates very quickly, Renault Wind is a powerful call for freedom – bring a real fresh take wind-in-the-hair car. Renault Wind for drivers who covet a car that is not only different, compact, convertible but still functional enough for everyday use.

There is a need in Europe for a small convertible that can function as an everyday car, both for the drivers themselves or for couples without children. Renault do not see any reason why the freedom associated with wind-in-segment of the automotive thehair should be the exclusive reserve the higher end. Instead, customers fairly young (or young at heart!), Interested in the signal plot and sporty roadsters and look for visible eye-catching, and a model that is practical enough to serve as an everyday car.

When it comes to this type of car, style exterior is a major factor in purchasing decisions. Therefore, to attract the market, Renault Wind design needed to be dynamic and strong, and clearly modern. Viewed from the side, sporty Renault Wind, strong lines, sharp hat-earned, high waist, wide hips sculpture and an integral roll hoop immediately strikes the eye. Both roof-cover is located in the slipstream head cowls located roadster features distinctive and form a natural relationship between interior and exterior.

Work on the windshield-header rail, which sits at the forward position is much more than the convertible rival, enhance the pleasure associated with auto open-up and further into the basic beliefs Renault Wind roadster. The rear wing combine distinctive part of the boot lid, while the boomerang-shaped rear lamps provide lighting easily identifiable signature.

Expertise of the Renault Sport Technologies (RST) when it comes to automotive pleasure requires no introduction, and Renault Wind has vast benefits from the knowledge of engineers RST's. Staff at the engineering headquarters RST in Les Ulis, near Paris, France, in collaboration with teams from nearby Technocentre in Guyancourt to ensure that the Renault Wind fully benefit from the expertise of the best companies. The new coupé-roadster platform capitalizes on the strengths of two Clio RS is very suitable for the power output of two engines available for the Renault Wind, the TCE 100 and 1.6 16V 133hp. Know-how to engineer the RST allows them to achieve the best weight / body stiffness ratio for roadster-coupé, Renault Wind allows owners to benefit from a pleasant trip combined with low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Besides returning a fuel consumption of engine size, this powerplant offers vigorously than 1.4 power output and torque of the 1.6-liter powerplant. It is equipped with a low inertia that ensures minimal turbo lag thanks to the fitment of small diameter turbine and compressor. Maximum power is 100hp (74kW) at 5500 rpm, while peak torque of 152Nm (3500 rpm).

The combination of small capacity of 100 cubic TCE and low inertia turbo ensures responsive pick-up from low revs, with peak torque available at very low engine speeds and at wide rev band. This includes feature turbochargers 'boost-over' that temporarily increases the power output and torque (by 5hp and 6Nm respectively) in second gear, third and fourth on the engine speed over 4,500 rpm. For added character, and the extra punch and response, TCE 100 engine drives through a short gearbox ratio five-speed manual (JH3).

The combination of TCE 100 engine's cubic capacity of the smaller and the technology is employed to maximize the enjoyment of driving, but combined cycle fuel consumption stands at only 6.3 litres/100km (equivalent to 145g of CO2/km). Renault Wind TCE 100 accelerates from stop to 100kph in just 10.5 seconds. 1.6 16V 133hp: engine, normally-aspirated with a flexible bag characters

Renault Wind is an alternative available to the Renault Sport Technologies-developed powerplant normally-aspirated 1.6 16V, especially field-tuned that serves as a direct pointer to the character of his fire.

This flexible, high-revving, normally-aspirated 1.6 16V engine produces 133hp (98kW) at 6750 rpm and maximum torque of 160Nm at 4400 rpm. It revs quickly and crackers all the way up to the red line set at 7000 rpm.

With the engine under the bonnet, Renault Wind gives a lot of punch and enjoyment of driving at low engine speeds and while up to 4500 rpm, although it really comes into its own when pushed beyond the limit of 4500 rpm. Wind Renault 1.6 16V accelerates from stop to 100kph just 9.2 seconds and has a top speed of 201kph, yet fuel consumption has been there at 7 litres/100km (equivalent to CO2 emissions of 165g/km).

Plug & Music connectivity permits occupants to plug digital devices such as iPod®, iPhone®, USB keys and other USB-compatible MP3 players into Renault Wind's own audio. This system enables occupants to enjoy music stored on a portable player and allows them to scroll through menus using the steering column-mounted or radio fascia controls. Directory, file and tune names are shown on the separate display

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