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Aston Martin Cygnet 2012 New City Car

Aston Martins are not really inspired by Ian Fleming's fictional branch-Q, although it sometimes looks like that. Consider new Cygnet. An end-June 2009 announcement, it marks a surprising and historic collaboration between the company's choice of 007 and motorcar industry-leader Toyota.

The Aston Martin Cygnet is a luxury city car manufactured by Aston Martin since 2011, and derived from the Toyota IQ. Its purpose is to allow Aston Martin to comply with the European Union's fleet average emissions standards to take place in 2012.

Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Editions; White and Black
• Aston Martin confirms launch details for new Cygnet city car
• Two special launch editions to commence production of city car at company's Gaydon headquarters in the    UK
• An Aston Martin Tailor-Fit solution for the city offering luxury and individuality.

The plot involving the impersonation worthy of a spy novel. Take the Toyota iQ drive front-wheel-small cars, which recently went on sale in Japan and Europe, adds flavor Aston styling and interior appointments, and then offer it to those monied as economical, useful city and suburban runabout with all the luxuries, comfort, and seal nameplate from Aston DB9, Vantage, or RAPIDE, plus super easy parking and decent low-emissions Greenpeace.

James Bond would appreciate Cygnet's impossible origins in a chance encounter between Aston CEO Dr Ulrich Bez and Akio Toyoda, the president pointed to the recent Toyota Motor Company in Japan and the grandson of the founder of the company. According to British magazine Autocar, the two moguls friendship struck in early 2009 at the Nurburgring 24 hour race, where the team they happen to share the garage space. Bez apparently offensive idea Cygnet, Toyoda-san willing, and Aston smallest ever published a few months later by e-mail tandem company.

The Cygnet will be available initially only in the UK, and then to other EU countries. Production and sales commenced in January 2011 and the market coverage will expand by 2012. Sales will not be restricted; however, it is expected that demand from existing Aston Martin owners for Cygnet would initially take priority. Aston CEO Ulrich Bez recently announced shipping expectations of about 4000 per year at a price of about £30,000. Bez states that the Cygnet demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation and integrity, whist respecting the need to satisfy demands of emissions and space.

The Cygnet has 98 bhp (73 kW; 99 PS) 1.3L straight-4 engine, it produces 110g of CO2/km and the fuel consumption is 58.9 mpg-US (3.99 L/100 km; 70.7 mpg-imp).

In BBC's Top Gear car magazine show (Season 15, Episode 3), the Cygnet was made fun of in the "News" section of the programme. Presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond all unanimously expressed distaste for the concept.

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