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How to Save Fuel

While fuel prices may not fall, you have to find a solution so that your wallet is not too wasteful to use and care of the car. The following tips are worth your refer to:

Actually we can menghemar-free fuel that is by changing driving style. Four years ago (Auto Bild) has proven, just by changing driving style, fuel consumption savings can reach posteriority 25%. If calculated in a year, savings were worth millions of dollars.

So, do not get enough of auto bild put fuel-efficient driving tips like these:
1. Machine heats
Running a car with no heating at all as it wastes fuel because the combustion not ideal. Conversely, heat too long also means throwing fuel wasted. Modern Mobil2 requires only 30 seconds - 1 minute before running.

2. Keeping the engine rev
We all know the engine rev too high a waste of fuel. But do you know, round the same way too low. The ideal, when running normally always place the machine cycle between 2000 - 3500 rpm. This is where there are alloy fuel & power consumption is optimized

3. Engine braking
In the market today, 99% of cars using an electronic injection system. So how is the most appropriate savings made. Get used to perform engine braking when slowing the vehicle. How, out of gas without the gears into neutral first. This will stop the total supply of gasoline to the engine. Different if the transmission put into neutral, gas is still supplied to keep the machine alive.

4. Maintaining a constant speed
Sudden braking and acceleration are always requires large energy. And in the car, the main energy source is fuel. Try driving without stepping on the gas constant or brake suddenly. Gently turn the steering wheel also contributed fuel savings, rather than suddenly swerved to-be to slow down drastically.

5. Use the comparison to assess whether or not the fuel-efficient so you get the most effective type of car fuel.

6. Do not stare at the loud wheels. Make sure your wheels condition good. Wheel assembly does not fit or too contrived to make your car wasteful gasoline.

7. Keep your car cool - but do not burn all the fuel as your car heats up. AC spent fuel, so you should not too often turn on the AC. Cars with exterior and interior has a lighter and lower temperatures would reduce the need for air conditioning which also requires fuel.

8. Keep the speed. Optimal speed for fuel efficiency is 55 miles per hour. When driving on the open road, you must remain at speeds 55 miles per hour.

9. Do not be too burdensome a car - the more weight your car more fuel to be spent. Vehicles SUVs and trucks have larger engines require more fuel. So you better avoid the trunk filled to keep the car load and optimize fuel efficiency.

10. You should travel in groups and taking public transportation whenever possible. If the distance to a closer destination, biking or walking would save fuel and give you the opportunity to enjoy the warm sunshine.

11. Stop spinning! You better send someone to do tasks that are not essential to reduce the amount of your trip.

12. Slow but constant will memenangan race. Driving and braking suddenly disrupt optimal fuel savings.

13. Should increase the speed gradually and stops slowly.

14. Leaving the engine alive when to stop spending more on gasoline than revive. So should you turn off your car engine in a situation like this.

15. Motorists who use a manual transmission should continue to use high gears as they drove quickly to take advantage of gasoline as possible.

16. Rawat and serviskan your car regularly. Worn out spark plugs, brakes are not functioning well, and low transmission fluid can all interfere with the fuel efficiency of cars.

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