Senin, 08 November 2010

Modification of Suzuki Baleno Ladies Extrime

Not a few modifications to the car lovers in Indonesia, most modification enthusiasts are always looking for inspiration or ideas through modification magazine or browsing on the Internet. But with the other owners of Suzuki Baleno 2002 Echa, mounted on modified cars, the idea appears in his own mind.

Although Echa himself admits, the concept or model of car modification is presented in the magazine maupuan modification of the virtual world, many options. But that did not inspire him to follow the concept of the beholder. What is important for the full name of Eka Echa Jayanti Oktafianti want to look different from other cars.

And bring the concept of Ladies Extreme, Echa just wanted to show extreme car when the contest only. "Like every day, my car looks normal, like nothing in the modification," says former racer who is also Echa This Drag Race.

After renovating the door of the car models with scissors, and opened the hood way different from the others pushed back. Echa not forget to apply the engine behind bonetnya. Understand it is a former drag racer, it seems less afdol if not maximum engine power.

Additions to the turbo and blow from the engine Baleno standards intended to improve engine performance. In addition, standard components Baleno was replaced with the smell of racing components. And increase engine power by a computerized system to reset the car by using the piggy back Dastek unichip.

"After I apply the engine, engine power is eventually increased to 70% or 170 hp, 100 hp hp standard Baleno cars only," said Echa.

The next step, the modification of the audio continues, as a tribute to the fans of loud music, Ech carrying the audio stream SPL (Sound Pressure Level). Therefore, Echa burying all the special audio device SPL. Among them are two 4channel Mariolla V12 power unit, three units and six units of power monoblock subwoofer assemblies Prokock Competition 12 consonants. "

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